Sunrise VX

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A New and Exciting Program for Children with Cancer and Their Siblings for Summer 2022 – 100% Free of Charge.

The Sunrise Camp Experience, Wherever You Are

SunriseVX is a virtual camp experience for children ages 3 1/2 to 16 with cancer and their siblings—100% free of charge. This interactive virtual camp brings the joy of summer to children wherever they are. SunriseVX is a proud member of the Sunrise Association which has enriched the lives of over 20,000 kids since 2006.

Child Life Specialists and Social Workers: Register for a Q&A session to learn how to bring this program to your patients. Click here for dates and time.

For more questions, contact: Sunrise VX Director, Athena Levesque to learn more at

An Adventure Everyday, From Your Home or the Hospital

Action-packed 8 Week Summer

Join us for 8 weeks of virtual camp fun! A summer filled with exciting activities for all ages. Camp dates are June 20th – August 12th. Buckle up for some exciting surprises and field trips!

During these 8, weeks campers will be able to choose from a menu of different live, interactive activities, take virtual field trips, and watch a fun daily show that will bring everyone together and create an amazing camp community.

Steam, Yoga, Music & More!

Sunrise VX includes a wide variety of options for your children. Every activity is designed to be developmentally and age appropriate so our campers can explore their interests and be inspired through participating with their peers during our exciting live zoom sessions.

100% Free of Charge!

The Sunrise Association pledges that all of our services are 100% free of charge for all of our families.

Siblings are Welcome!

The Sunrise Association recognizes that every child in a household is impacted by pediatric cancer whether or not it’s the diagnosed child or the sibling. Our goals are to prioritize the social and emotional well being within a camping environment.

East to West Coast Time Zone Friendly

The SunriseVX program has been designed to ensure that children from various time zones will not miss any of our programming if they choose to participate. All pre-recorded content will be accessible for children to view at their convenience.

Exceptional Staff

The Sunrise Association and the SunriseVX team has hand picked professional, compassionate, and wonderful people to work with your child(ren). Our staff is highly trained to work amongst our camper population and to bring their knowledge and expertise which will be age appropriate to create an outstanding summer camp experience.

Contact us at or call 516-517-7861 (Ext. 181)

“I was really nervous at first because it was my first time coming to Sunrise but once I was there no it was so much fun I never wanted to leave.”

– Camper, Age 10

Child Life Specialist and Social Workers

SunriseVX is a 100% free program that you can offer to pediatric oncology patients and their siblings.  Sunrise Association has brought joy to over 20,000 children since 2006.

Learn how to bring this program to your patients. Click on one of the dates below to register for Q&A sessions with SunriseVX Director, Athena Levesque.

5/17 Tuesday, 10:30 AM ET
5/19 Thursday, 5 PM ET
5/23 Monday 12 PM ET
5/24 Tuesday 6 PM ET
6/2 Thursday 4 PM ET
6/7 Tuesday 11:30 AM ET

Camp Families

Enroll your chil(ren) now! Looking forward to an amazing summer.

Coming soon! Q & A sessions with SunriseVX Director, Athena Levesque!

Get in touch with Sunrise VX Director, Athena Levesque to learn more at

The mission of the Sunrise Association is to bring back the joys of childhood to children with cancer and their siblings worldwide. Sunrise accomplishes this through the creation and oversight of welcoming, inclusive summer day camps, year-round programs and in-hospital recreational activities, all offered free of charge.