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...Where Children with Cancer Find A New Beginning Everyday

Sunrise Association Day Camps are the world’s only dedicated day camps for children with cancer and their siblings, provided completely free of charge.

Providing memorable summers since 2006 for children ages 3 1/2–16, Sunrise Day Camps bring the simple pleasures of childhood back to children struggling with cancer, changing months of loneliness and isolation into summers filled with sunshine, laughter and happiness. And because Sunrise is a day camp, it does all this while allowing the children to continue their medical treatment and enjoy the comfort and safety of their own homes at night. There are currently nine Day Camps  — three in New York (Long Island, Pearl River & Staten Island), three in Israel (Beit Yehoshuah, Be’er Sheva & Ramat Yochanan), Horizon Day Camp in Baltimore, MD, Aurora Day Camp in Atlanta, GA and Sunrise Day Camp in Southern NJ/Greater Philly.  Sunrise Association Day Camps are affiliated with 36 renowned hospitals and medical centers. Sunrise Sundays and Fun-days offer children exciting activities and events when school is not in session; Sunrise on Wheels is a one-of-a-kind program that provides hours of Sunrise-fun to children undergoing treatment in pediatric oncology units of participating hospitals.

Sunrise Day Camps are proud members of the Sunrise Association, whose mission is to bring back the joys of childhood to children with cancer and their siblings world-wide, through the creation of Sunrise Day Camps, Year-Round Programs and In-Hospital Recreational Activities, all offered free of charge.

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